Oct 312011

Boomers aren’t considering their estate plans the way they should. Perhaps the costs seem high. Perhaps the language too difficult. Perhaps we don’t want to come face-to-face with our own mortalities. But talking about estate planning isn’t just for the older ones among us.

On the Financial Impact Factor Radio we hosted Deborah L. Jacobs, author of “Estate Planning Smarts“. This was an important show for those of us who may not have taken the important first step and made a will. And you’ll find out that this is actually the next step in a good estate plan! Tune in to find out what the first step was. Deborah, a columnist and estate planning expert at Forbes discussed how to approach this topic with your parents, your spouse, your family and your lawyer.

In the second half of the show, Dave Kittredge and Dave Ng of FinancialFootprint.com and my cohosts discussed the upward challenge of re-educating yourself for a new career, even if you graduated 30 years ago. College doesn’t come cheap and when Boomers focus their attention on getting trained for a changing work environment, everyone benefits.

Oct 252011

We were very pleased today to have Ron Robins, an MBA, founder and analyst for Investing for the Soul on the show to discuss socially responsible investing. To date, the show (Financial Impact Factor Radio) has not had any discussion about this important investment opportunity. Dave K, Dave Ng and myself were all curious about what. even after decades as an investment option, continues to be a niche investment for many people. The main problem as Mr. Robins pointed out was the lack of recommendation by the financial services industry, even as the need and ultimately the performance of these investments has grown, and the low exposure in 401(k) plans (about 30% of the plans offer them).